How to download & print your Aadhaar card

How to download & print your Aadhaar card

Sometimes when we lose a wallet, we are less concerned about the cash in it and more worried about the documents that could be inside. You can easily block credit and debit cards by making a call to the bank and replace them. However government documents like voter ID card, passport and PAN card are harder to replace.

We use Aadhaar card a lot these days, and chances are that you may lose or misplace it. If you lose your Aadhaar card, getting a replacement is a simple matter. There’s no need to worry. You can download Aadhaar card online using various methods. Aadhaar card download needs to be done from the official UIDAI website (

We’ll tell you the various ways in which you can do an e-Aadhaar card download from the UIDAI website.

Download Aadhaar card with Aadhaar number
You can download Aadhaar card by Aadhaar number. Here are the steps to do Aadhaar card download with Aadhaar number. Remember that to download Aadhaar card online through this process, your mobile number needs to be registered with Aadhaar at the time of enrolment.

Step 1: Visit the official UIDAI website (

Step 2: On the homepage there is a link ‘Download Aadhaar’. Click on the link and you will be directed to a page.

Step 3: There an option is given to enter your Aadhaar number or your enrolment ID or virtual ID. Select the option ‘I have Aadhaar number’.

Step 4: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number. Select the masked Aadhaar option if you do not want the full digits of your Aadhaar number displayed.

Step 5: There is a Captcha verification to be done. After which a page opens where you have an option to receive by clicking on ‘Send OTP’.

Step 6: Enter the OTP received on your mobile number, accept the terms and conditions and click on submit.

Step 7: To open the PDF file, you will need a password (refer to ‘How to Take Aadhaar Card Print after Download’). Once the download happens, check carefully if they are correct. In case they are inaccurate or missing, you have to visit the nearest Aadhaar centre with your documents to get it corrected…..…Read More>>>

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